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Front National wants to ban Bitcoin in France

If it were up to the National Front, the Bitcoin should be banned in France immediately. The political party sees any form of virtual currency as a serious threat and they should protect and preserve the “real economy” at all … Continue reading

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Bitcoin – Blocksize debate, the thousandth

Since 2015, the blocksize debate about how to scale Bitcoin has been boiling up again and again. Despite the developers’ best efforts, this question remains the biggest challenge for Bitcoin’s further development. Even now, one year after the first proposals … Continue reading

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ETH course analysis – Entry into new Upward Channel?

After a rise to up to 0.083 BTC (151.86 EUR), the price fell to up to 0.065 BTC (118.92 EUR), but is currently back at 0.075 BTC (137.22 EUR). Summary of the news spy The share price rose in two … Continue reading

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HUSD: The stable coin solution of the Bitcoin stock exchange Huobi

The Bitcoin exchange Huobi is planning its own stable coin solution. However, instead of issuing a new token, as is currently the case with many others, the company is working on a solution to connect the existing coins. Stable coins … Continue reading

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